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MSC Industrial Supply (ordinary Gibraltar Knobs #1)

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Gi•bral•tar (ji brôltər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a British crown colony comprising a fortress and seaport located on a narrow promontory near the S tip of Spain. 29,934; 1&fracnumer;
    sq. mi. (5 sq. km).
  2. Rock of. 
    • Ancient,  Calpe. a long, precipitous mountain nearly coextensive with this colony: one of the Pillars of Hercules. 1396 ft. (426 m) high;
      2½ mi. (4 km) long.
    • any person or thing that has strength and endurance that can be relied on.
  3. Strait of, a strait between Europe and Africa at the Atlantic entrance to the Mediterranean. 8½–23 mi. (14–37 km) wide.
  4. any impregnable fortress or stronghold.


knob (nob),USA pronunciation n., v.,  knobbed, knob•bing. 
  1. a projecting part, usually rounded, forming the handle of a door, drawer, or the like.
  2. a rounded lump or protuberance on the surface or at the end of something, as a knot on a tree trunk.
  3. an ornamental boss, as of carved work.
  4. a rounded hill, mountain, or elevation on a ridge.

  1. to produce a knob on.
  2. to furnish with a knob.
  3. (in stone cutting) to knock off (excess stone) preparatory to dressing;
knoblike′, adj. 

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